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2020-05-15 [Media Releases] LegoChem Biosciences and Iksuda enter Licensing Agreement for Antibody.. 
2020-04-14 [Press Release] LegoChem Biosciences and Iksuda Enter Into a Multi-Target Research Col..
2019-03-22 [Press Release] LegoChem Biosciences and Takeda Enter Into a Multi-Target Research Col..
2017-04-13 [Press Release] LegoChem Biosciences receives US patent for its own proprietary ADC pl.. 
2017-02-13 [Media Releases] Novimmune and LegoChem Biosciences enter research collaboration on ant.. 
2017-01-11 [Press Release] LegoChem Biosciences Enters Into Research Licensing Agreement with Tak.. 
2016-12-12 [Media Releases] [Press Release]LegoChem Biosciences enters licensing agreement with RM.. 
2016-10-10 [Media Releases] [media release] LegoChem Biosciences and Nordic Nanovector enter colla.. 
2016-07-06 [Media Releases] [LegoChem release] LegoChem Announces Joint Venture for the Global Dev.. 
2016-06-24 [Media Releases] [Maeil Business] LegoChem will "have a lot of contracts next year..
2016-06-24 [Media Releases] [Asia Today] Eyes are focused on restructruing shipping and shipbuildi..
2016-06-24 [Media Releases] [Daily Medi] Biotechnology venture companies that may be the next Hanm..
2016-06-24 [Media Releases] [the bell] LegoChem presented its technology in World ADC Summit (29 O..
2016-06-24 [Media Releases] [Yakup] LegoChem will become an 'R&D-focused pharmaceutical compan..
2016-06-24 [Media Releases] [Etoday] LegoChem's share buyback increases confidence (21 October..