CEO message
A biopharmaceutical company founded by people
with expertise & enthusiasm for development of novel therapeutics.
LegoChem Biosciences is drawing a new
roadmap in the Korean pharmaceutical industry.

“Solely dedicated to discovery & development of novel therapeutics”
“I must develop a new blockbuster drug” was my sole objective for the past 30 years of my career as a research scientist. 23 of those years were spent as a researcher & Chief Science Officer in one of the largest Korean pharmaceutical companies but starting from 2006, I ventured to establish and become the founder & CEO of LegoChem Biosciences in pursuit of my one dream.

There are many hurdles blocking the path to successfully develop a globally recognized new drug. Significant investment, expertise and numerous product candidates are required. The likelihood of failure is ever present. Despite these difficulties, I never once lost faith in the endeavor.
At LegoChem Biosciences, we all are committed the only way, by focusing on pivotal technologies we have and for those technologies that we do not have, we seek collaboration with partners through open innovation.
I firmly believe that “all value of our pipeline comes from the perseverance and toil of researchers,” it is the guiding philosophy as a CEO and I believe that our researchers are instilled with the same philosophy, which only serves to foster innovation and expertise.

“Novel therapeutics is the only way” is the clear objective that is shared by our employees and bonds us together and continually guides us to become an internationally recognized biopharmaceutical company and a global representative of Korea. We will continue to march on until that day comes.
“A dream dreamed alone remains only a dream, but a dream dreamed together becomes reality.”
Welcome to LegoChem Biosciences